The First Global Psychedelic Forum in Czech Republic, 30 September-2 October 2016

Confirmed speakers: Rick Doblin, Amanda Feilding, Dennis McKenna, Roland Grifftiths, Beatriz Caiuby Labaté, Luis Eduardo Luna, Michael Winkelman, Robin Carhart-Harris, Franz X. Vollenweider, Ede Frecska, Ben Sessa, David Luke, Simon Green, Jiří Horáček, José Carlos Bouso, Ingmar Gorman, Tomáš Páleníček, Petr Winkler, Jonathan Dickinson, Brun Gonzáles, Natalie Lyla Ginsberg, Friederike Meckel Fischer, Jindřich Vobořil, Jordi Riba…and more.

The aim of the conference is to create a platform for global cooperation of various people with a professional or other interest in psychedelics and also from other areas where psychedelics can be – but are not necessarily always involved, like drug policy, harm reduction, mental health, spirituality and religion, ecology, etc. Those people are ranging from scientists, practitioners and other experts, to the grassroots.  The event will provide an outside-the-box discussion on the approaches to working with psychedelics and on the equivocal position these substances hold in our modern society, with special emphasize on the drug policy. Generally, we aim to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience at the global level, incorporate cross-cultural perspectives, discuss strategies from the global perspective, and create new synergies. We will discuss existing and also potential role of psychedelics in contemporary society.

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Psychedelics have been used in manifold contexts throughout human history: from ancient traditional ways to modern medical research, to home-grown lay use and parties; from treatment, personal growth, and wellbeing to gnostic and heuristic purposes, and ceremonies serving societal needs or religious and environmental functions. Ever present within the context of the psychedelic experience is how use of these substances also affects society and vice versa,


Rather than looking at psychedelics merely as chemical substances, this conference aims to focus on what is “beyond”. We will approach psychedelics in two ways. First, we will look at them as a powerful tool or catalyst that may help achieve a broad range of diverse goals. Second, we will discuss what position they hold in society, with respect to social environment, norms, attitudes, and, most importantly, how they are represented in the legislative framework.

We want to explore the context of psychedelic use and its interaction with the psychedelic experience, and to give voice to knowledge and experience gained within multiple frameworks, as we believe that much can be learnt by sharing different perspectives.


We will be discussing the position of psychedelics within nature, therapy, culture and society. Besides, considering the fact that the context of the psychedelic experience is influenced by its purpose, we will take a look at various purposes of the psychedelic experience:

  • Medical treatment
  • Self-experience for mental health professionals
  • Personal growth and wellbeing
  • Creativity purposes
  • Spirituality and religion
  • Community and societal needs
  • Ecology
  • Study of consciousness
  • Recreational use and entertainment


We would like to discuss these areas from a variety of perspectives. In order to represent as many different perspectives as possible, the list of speakers will include Western scientists, traditional indigenous experts, drug policy analysts, historians and eyewitnesses of the 1960s, people working with psychedelics in their treatment practice, people working in psychedelic harm-reduction services, and, last but not least, also patients treated by psychedelics as well as lay users of psychedelics.


We will meet to share our diverse perspectives from all over the world, engage in discussion, explore the potential of psychedelics, learn from each other and look for new prospects for the use of psychedelics in the modern society.


  • To create a platform for global cooperation.
  • To bring together scientists and traditional practitioners of psychedelic medicine in order to share knowledge and expertise.
  • To discuss the extensive potential of psychedelics.
  • To create a better policy framework for the use of psychedelics in therapy.
  • To discuss possible models of beneficial use of psychedelics in Western societies.
  • To enable users of psychedelics to discuss and share their experience, and participate in creating the policy and therapeutic models.
  • To promote and support research and funding in this field.




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Old Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bubeneč-National Historic Landmark

The old wastewater treatment plant in Prague-Bubeneč is an important witness to the history of architecture, technology and water management. Built in 1901-1906, it was used for the treatment of most of the sewage water in the city of Prague until 1967. In the steam engine room one can view the still functioning machines from the early 20th century. The design of the sewer system with the proposed technical parameters of the treatment plant was prepared by a construction engineer of British origin, Sir William Heerlein Lindley. In 2010 his work was declared a cultural monument. Old plant is one of the most important industrial heritage sites in Europe.