Global Psychedelic Forum 
21-24 June, 2018 
Prague, Czech Republic

Current Challenges and Future Prospects

Psychedelics, Alternative States of Consciousness, Technology

From Science to Spirituality, from Research to Practice, from Tradition to Modernity, from Individual to Global


 We want to discuss the potential of psychedelics, alternative states of consciousness and technologies in the current social climate.

 We want to review current challenges and risks, explore the basis of safe use and sensible integration, and create new synergies.

We want to go beyond.


Discover what are the mission, vision, concept, objectives, axis of Beyond Psychedelics 2018 and what ideals drive the team to accomplish another global meeting in Prague.

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Rick Doblin, William A. Richards, Amanda Feilding, Ede Frecska, Fiona Measham, Jiří Horáček, Friederike Meckel Fischer, Torsten Passie, Stephen Ross, Matthew W. Johnson, Petr Winkler, Tomáš Páleníček, Veronika Gold, Michael Vančura, Petra Bokor, Martin A. Lee, Jonathan Hobbs, Juraj Styk, and Sonja Styk, Jindřich Vobořil, Miroslav Horák, Peter Sjostedt H, Julian Vayne, Nikki Wyrd, Danny Nemu.
And many more!

The list of confirmed speakers is growing every week. Learn more about therapists, researchers, psychonauts, practitioners and other great speakers that are joining us this year.

Prague Psychedelic Week

To make your experience of psychedelic Prague as enriching as possible, we are preparing a series of events that will accompany the conference, expand the topics and help to raise awareness among the general public.

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