Call for Abstracts

The official deadline for submitting abstracts was the 10th of March 2018. It is still possible to submit abstracts, but we don’t guarantee that abstracts submitted after the official deadline will be reviewed. Thank you for your understanding.

So far we have received a large number of great abstracts. But we feel need to enrich one part of the program dedicated to ‘Challenges and Shadows’.


Are you a researcher, therapist, shaman, person treated by psychedelics, harm reduction services provider or experienced psychonaut?

We would love to have you!

This year we will dedicate extra space for contributions on the ‘Shadow Sides’. We often hear about beneficial effects of psychedelics, altered states of consciousness, and technologies. But their potential has been used also in destructive ways, or have caused unintentional harm through inappropriate use.

Are you aware of any of these kinds of practices? Or have you had experience of this firsthand – as a patient, user, researcher or practitioner? Did your scientific hypothesis fail? Was your patient in a worse state than before psychedelic experiences?

We have a particularly deep respect for those who are open to share their failures, mistakes, and lessons learned so that we can grow together. Come to share and discuss the shadows of psychedelic research and practice, shamanism, altered states of consciousness, and technologies!

We also welcome abstracts from people who are not directly involved in work with psychedelics but are experts in any area where those substances may be involved ,such as drug policy, harm reduction, mental health, creativity, the study of consciousness, philosophy, transpersonal psychology, spirituality and religion, ecology, recreational use, personal growth, physics, etc.

The user’s perspective is also more than welcome – whether you have recovered from an illness through the use of psychedelics, or you are a recreational user or dedicated psychonaut and feel you would like to say something, please don’t hesitate to submit an abstract!

In the interest of gaining the full spectrum of experience and knowledge, we encourage submissions from feminine and masculine viewpoints.  The deadline for the submission of abstracts was extended to the 10th of March 2018.

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