The Beyond Psychedelics Conference 2016 will take place at The Old Waste Water Treatment Plant in Bubeneč, a National Historic Landmark in Prague, Czech Republic. For those who are searching for accommodations, we have couple of suggestions to offer.

As we know our coutry well, we know that sometimes it is not easy to go through all processess of getting what you need. For all of you who are solving accomodation last minute, we would like to offer you guys some help. We have pre-booked some rooms in reasonable places around the conference and some of them are still available. In case you would be interested in us helping you out, send an email to, let us know your preferences and we will book the room for you.

The Hippie (Friendship) Option:

Conference participants have established a Facebook group to help connect people who have space available with other participants who are looking for informal accommodations. The goal is to connect the psychedelic family on a whole other level.

Kapucini u Lorety

Address: Loretanske namesti 6a Praha 1
Distance: 25min with public transport, 10-15 min by car.
Type of accommodation:  Beautiful place in the middle of historic Old town and in the neighbourhood of Prague Castle.  Rooms are located in old Kapucin Monastery, rooms are shared. Suitable for volunteers.
Type of rooms: 3 double bed rooms,  2 six beds rooms,  2 eight beds room, 1 twelve beds room

Number of persons price per night (1 person) price per night (one person) Number of beds/available
1 400 Kč / 15 EUR 350 Kč / 13 EUR 2×2
2 380 Kč / 14 EUR 330 Kč / 12 EUR 6×2
3 350 Kč / 13 EUR 300 Kč / 11 EUR 8×2
4+ 300 Kč / 11 EUR 300 Kč / 11 EUR 12×1
*in case you decide to sleep in a sleeping bag, the price cut per night is 100Kč/4 EUR

Masarykova kolej

Address: Thakurova 550, Praha.
Distance from venue: 25min walking, 20min with public transport, 5 min by car.
Type of accommodation: Old historical building now used as hotel and hostel for students. Nice, cozy hotel rooms with or without small kitchen with private shower.
Type of rooms: single/double bed rooms

Number of beds price per night (1 person) Number of beds/available
1 870 Kč / 32 EUR 1×1
2 870 Kč / 32 EUR 2×13
3 870 Kč / 32 EUR 3×4

Penzion Patanka

Address: Patanka 4, Praha
Distance: 15min walking, 5 min by car.
Type of accommodation: Nice, quite family guesthouse near to the venue with single or double bed rooms ( there are also two nice family apts )

Number of beds Price per room Price per room Number of beds/available
2 700 CZK 26 EUR 2×2
3 970 CZK 35 EUR 3×7
4 1.300 CZK 48 EUR 4×2

Family Lorenz and Coffee House

Address: Francouzska 312/100, Prague
Distance: 35 min via public transport, 25 min by car.
Note: It is little bit far from venue (across the City) but very nice place close to historic city centre and suitable for those who wants to stay and enjoy Prague little bit longer.
Type of accommodation: Very nice family guesthouse with two double rooms available, amazing coffee, perfect service and beautiful yard.

Hostel Dakura

Address: Narodni obrany 544/7, Prague
Type of accommodation:  Various types of rooms in hostel.
Distance: 15 minutes  walking from venue, 5 min by car

More expensive, but still close within walking distance: