Cyberdelic Showcase at Beyond Psychedelics 2018

Humanity is riding on a curve of dramatically increasing complexity that stretches into a scenario where we are witnessing the emergence of more sophisticated artificial intelligence, bio, and nanotechnology, neurotechnologies, virtual and mixed realities, genetics and robotics. With the explosion of this hybrid and perceptual technologies, we are currently extending the possible realities we can reach. However, the dynamic range of our media needs to expand to capture our subjective experience more accurately. This may allow us to understand ourselves and each other more deeply. The ability to alter our senses and develop entirely new ones provides us with the possibility of creating entirely new forms of experience.

It appears as if we are heading towards a new stage in human evolution, where the meaning of what it means to be human, will radically change and mutate through the evolution of our tools. What can be done to secure the best possible outcome for our planet and humanity?

Beyond Psychedelics in partnership with The Cyberdelic Society are bringing to you a jam-packed showcase with cyberdelic experiences, perceptual technologies, art installations and more. This showcase will present and review different projects, with the intention to open an intersubjective portal into the building of deeper insights into the importance of consciousness hacking, transformative experiences and transcendence technologies for the future of human flourishing through a healthy relationship between humans and technology.

Visit the Cyberdelic Showcase page to learn more.


Selected Lectures in Technologies Topic

Carl H Smith, M.A., MSc.: Exploring Altered States of Consciousness Using Cyberdelics, Moistmedia & Mixed Reality Technologies
Dr. Celine Duprat: Screen Reconstitution of a Mind-Picture Captured During Shamanic Trance
Jose Montemayor, M.A.: The Role that Visionary, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Technologies Play within the Evolution of Consciousness
Heather Hargraves, M.C.: Technicians of Consciousness: Consciousness Technologies and the Evolution of Psychedelics in Clinical and Transformational Worlds
Vincent Moon: A Talk About Nomadic Cinema – a Digital Research Around Realities and the Exploration of Flobal Rituals
Barbora Šouláková, BSc. and Luisa Prochazkova, M.Sc.: VR Games Facilitating Effective Mindfulness Training
Batuhan Bintas, B.A.: “Interdimensional Multidisiplinary Cybernaut & Psychonaut”