How to reach us

The Beyond Psychedelics Conference 2016 will take place at The Old Waste Water Treatment Plant in Bubeneč, a National Historic Landmark in Prague, Czech Republic. Address: Papírenská 199/6, 160 00 Praha 6-Bubeneč

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Metro line A - Hradcanska

Take the bus 131 and get off on the 2nd station Goetheova (use te STOP button to signal the driver) and walk straight on till you see the rail track and cross to the other side into Papirnicka street

Directions from Nearby Accommodations

You can also visit our full list of recommended accommodations.

Kapucini u Lorety

Address: Loretanske namesti 6a Praha 1
Distance: 25min with public transport, 10-15 min by car.

The closest stop to the Kapuciny monastery is the Pohorelec tram stop, where you can either take the tram no. 22 and change lines to 1,2 or 25 at Vozovna Streshovice and go to Hradchanska where you get on the bus 131 (ask people, it’s across the rail track) and ride to Goethe stop, which is somewhat close to the venue a bit further on the way. Or you can take tram 22 to Prazsky Hrad where you cross the tram rails and walk downhill through the old villas and a park to Hradchanska (about 10 minutes) where you can take the 131 bus or just keep walking, in that case better ask for directions and check out the map, it’s a nice walk though.

Masarykova kolej

Address: Thakurova 550, Praha.
Distance from venue: 25min walking, 20min with public transport, 5 min by car.

To get to the old water tower from Masarykova kolej by public transport, you can take the tram 20 or 26 from nearby Thakurova stop to station Hradchanska, where you need to cross the rail track and get on the 131 bus. Ride 2 stops and get off at the Goethe stop (you need to ring a STOP button in the bus for this one), once you do walk a little further along the way and cross the rail track to get to Papirenska street, where you’ll soon see the old building with two tall chimneys on the right hand side.

Penzion Patanka

Address: Patanka 4, Praha
Distance: 15min walking, 5 min by car.

Penzion Patanka is basically withing the walking distance of the venue. I tis also pretty much the only way to get there, unless you take a taxi. Go towards the rails and cross them through nearby Podbabska street or 10 minutes further towards the center through Madarska street. Once you do, you will be in the Papirenska street, where the old wastewater treatment plant with 2 chimneys is.

Family Lorenz and Coffee House

Address: Francouzska 312/100, Prague
Distance: 35 min via public transport, 25 min by car.
Note: It is little bit far from venue (across the City) but very nice place close to historic city centre and suitable for those who wants to stay and enjoy Prague little bit longer.

This accomodation is lovely, although a little bit further from the venue the way to get there is simple. Walk a few minutes to the Namesti Miru green line metro station and také the train to Hradchanska station. Get to the 131 bus stop and go 2 stops to Goetheho bus stop (dont forget to press the STOP button inside the bus), walk a bit further along the way and cross the rail trak on the right to get to the Papirenska street, where the venue is.

Hostel Dakura

Address: Narodni obrany 544/7, Prague
Distance: 15 minutes  walking from venue, 5 min by car

You can either take 2bus stops with 131 bus to Goetheho stop (press the STOP button in the bus to get off there) or you can just walk. The way is simple. Go to the corner of Cheskoslovenske armády st. and Bubenechska st. go through that one all the way till you hit the Goethe street treelined on the right side. Continue in the same direction and cross the rail track as soon as you can to get to the Papirenska street where the venue is.