Prague Psychedelic Week 2018

One conference weekend is not enough! This year we will celebrate psychedelics for a full week before the Beyond Psychedelics 2018 forum and our aim is to introduce the topic of altered states of consciousness to the public in various contexts including science, art, music and self-experience workshops. During the week of 16.- 24. 6. 2018, Prague will blossom with interesting lectures by international speakers, ceremonies with plants like cacao or rapé, sweat lodge, yoga, dance, holotropic breathwork, sound healing, guided meditations, art exhibitions, performances and concerts.

The week will peak on the weekend of 21. – 24. of June with the multidisciplinary psychedelic forum Beyond Psychedelics 2018. On Sunday the 24th we will welcome summer together in a ritual of Saint John’s Eve.

Full program is coming up soon!
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Prague Psychedelic Week 2018
16.-24. 6. 2018