Pre-Conference Professional Workshops

We are proud to present three specialised workshops, led by speakers coming to the Beyond Psychedelics 2018 conference. They are especially suitable for mental health and harm reduction professionals, but anyone is welcome!

Facilitator Competencies and Processes of Healing during Interventions with Psychedelics: Science and Art

With Bill Richards, PhD

This seminar will focus both on the “being” and “doing” of effective facilitators/therapists in psychedelic research, and on methods for the development and strengthening of personal qualities and practical skills that are advantageous in the implementation of clinical investigations. Sensitivity to the challenges of skillfully communicating in supportive ways when volunteer subjects are experiencing a variety of alternative states of consciousness will be explored, as will the importance of one’s own genuineness and capacity to maintain presence and openness to whatever experiential content may be expressed during entheogenic sessions.

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This workshop is especially suitable for mental health professional, though anyone is welcomed.


Psychedelic Integration

With Drs. Ingmar Gorman, & Elizabeth Nielson

What is psychedelic harm reduction and integration and how can they occur in a clinical setting? This day long training offered by psychologists Ingmar Gorman PhD and Elizabeth Nielson PhD is designed for clinicians and healthcare providers who want to learn more about current psychedelic research and clinical practice. We will focus on translating research findings into clinical practice including working with patients who are considering using psychedelics, actually using psychedelics, or have used them. This program includes discussion of assessment and integration techniques, resources, and legal and ethical issues.

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Organized in collaboration with Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care Program and The Center For Optimal Living.


Psychedelic Harm Reduction at Parties and Festivals

with Levent Móró, PhD

Psychedelic festivals pose extra safety risks due to drug impurities, dosing errors, misidentifications, drug interactions, visitors’ medical conditions, or their reckless attitude toward drug use. Basic harm reduction services include water distribution, substance information, first aid, psychological help, and drug checking. While hallucinogens (LSD, DMT, psilocybin, mescaline, etc). may cause life-enriching experiences in an ideal set and setting, temporary alterations of consciousness may turn into a ‘bad trip’, psychedelic emergency, or spiritual crisis.

Specially trained harm reduction teams (psychedelic support, psycare) intervene in psychedelics-related problematic situations. Levente Móró introduce harm reduction and psycare services, discuss psychological suitability for psycare work, and describe psychedelic consciousness alteration. Levente also summarise methods to help in difficult experiences, and present example cases and data collected by an international psycare team. 

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