Self-Experience Workshops | Prague Psychedelic Week 2018

We are pleased to introduce seven selected self-experience workshops, which you can enjoy during the week before Beyond Psychedelics 2018 conference and which will be also held in English. The offer a mix of yoga, meditation, dance and sound healing, techniques, which can also lead us to altered states consciousness.

Cacao meditation

Sunday June 17, 16:00

In this session, we create a safe and intimate space for the ceremonial drinking of Cacao and then enter into a sharing of what we want to let go and what we want to call in to set an intention for our journey into a guided meditation and inner reflection. We end with dance during which the cacao activates within the body and the heart and grounds you into a deepened connection to yourself and others.

Resonance of touch

Saturday June 16, 10:00

Experience yourself, your body. Give in to the touch and observe what it elicits. Feel, deepen the perception and open up all the senses. Develop your potential, master the art of touching and responding to touch. Relax and open in touch, be spontaneous and at the same time remain fully aware. Learn to trust your feelings, learn to distinguish and read what is communicated through the touch.

Sound bath in healing vibrations

Monday June 17, 19:30

At our deepest levels, pure energy is never motionless – we vibrate in tones, wavelengths, cycles, and frequencies. In each moment, our consciousness creates millions of chemical reactions that together resonate, create tones and frequency. Gong is considered to be the only instrument that produces tones and polyphonic tones that resonate with our own existence.

Kundalini Gong Yoga 

Monday June 18, 18:30

This kundalini yoga and meditation course is focused mostly on strengthening the nervous system, balancing the hormonal system and releasing inner blockages and tensions in our psyche and body. You will learn how to work with the stress, how to relax and connect with your inner source of vitality and joy, and regain mental strength and inner peace.

Dance Movement Medicine

Tuesday June 19, 19:30

Dance practice, which awakens and connects body, heart and mind. It supports deepening of our connection with the Dancer within us, that intelligence, which moves us without our control, and thanks to which all our organs cooperate in harmony. Movement Medicine offers tools helping to surrender step by step to this Force, and through that surrender to free our ecstatic potential.

High Yoga

Wednesday June 20, 17:00

Yoga means “union” or “connection” to reach a state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. The experience of connection is a state of yoga, a joyful, blissful, fulfilling experience, a bridge to the state of Onenness, in which thought ceases and becomes consciousness. While these states of relaxation and awareness of the present moment can be achieved with practice, consciousness expanding allies from the plant world have been used in numerous cultures across the centuries to heighten the awareness of our “body mind” and our “mind- body”, thereby mending feelings of stress and creating a stronger connection with ourselves and others. 


Wednesday June 20, 19:30

Late evening. Time for music and dance. The time when the music touches you, revives, brings strength and inspiration, wakes up movement and follows you wherever you go. When space becomes the only being. Us and the music, we are part of one story. We can experience anything.

These workshops are part of the conference side events program, Prague Psychedelic Week 2018, which aims to introduce altered states of consciousness from various perspectives through lectures, workshops, performances, music and visual art events.

See the full program here!