Octavio Rettig

Octavio Rettig

Octavio Rettig

Dr. Octavio Rettig Hinojosa, author of The Toad of Dawn, 5-MeO-DMT and the Rise of Cosmic Consciousness, is a pioneer in the treatment of toad medicine use who has successfully assisted thousands of people in recovering from abusive conditions associated with synthetic drug use, addiction to stimulants as well as other psychological afflictions such as PTS and depression.

Otac, the Seri Comcáac word for toad, has been adopted as a term for the gland secretions of Bufo Alvarius, the Sonoran Desert Toad of Mexico. Otac has the capacity to powerfully transform an individual’s mental and physical health, enhancing their wellbeing and perceived reality. Carrying a message of wisdom & empowerment, correctly aministered Otac enables immense benefit to the recipient in a very short amount of time. Octavio, who eradicated his own drug addiction via the assistance of Otac, has recognised an ancient message in the history of indigenous cultures that is pertinent today.

Initially serving the Seri people of Sonora as a medic, Octavio developed a relationship of respect with elders and shaman who blessed him with the use of their sacred ancient chants after he reintroduced the tribe to the forgotten medicine of Bufo Alvarius. Since the development in 2011 of a medicinal neoshamanic fusion that includes the traditional chants of Seri origin, the treatment results have been extremely encouraging.

Initiated in January of this year by the Abuelo Jose Antonio Bolivar, elder shaman of the Piaroa people of Venezuela, Octavio now carries Yopo medicine as part of his healing service. Derived from Anadenanthrina peregrine and Banisteriopsis caapi, yopo is a snuff that is considered by Piaroa shaman to facilitate vast awareness regarding current and future environmental, social and personal circumstances. This expansive state of consciousness is complimentary to experiences with Otac.

Dr Rettig now travels extensively serving these medicines.  He regularly attends conferences and shares his findings with other doctors, academics, scientists & ethnobotanists,  in particular regarding the immense potential of Otac when carefully administered. By inhaling the vapour of Bufo Alvarius the effect on neural receptors is immediate. The substance goes to the centre of the brain, to the pineal gland and from there expands to all the cells of the body. The primary healing molecule recognised in this process is 5-MeO-DMT.

TITLE : OTAC The Sacred Ancient Medicine of Modernity.

It was in prehistoric times when fire was discovered as a tool, that the effect of combusted Bufo Alvarius was initially encountered, Dr Rettig hypothesises. Humanities link between consumption & habit is highly evident. Neurotransmitters found in food, inclusive of entheogenic substances, are also found endogenously in humans. Thus it seems evident that Bufo Alvarius and the molecule 5-MeO-DMT, at a time when prehistoric man first began consuming food cooked by fire, was both a method and a trigger for human development.

Archeological evidence points to Bufo Alvarius, rather than the more commonly considered Bufo Marinus, as a forgotten sacrament that was once reverred by the Olmecs, Mayans & Aztecs. Bufo Alvarius is the only known toad species whose glands contain the neurotransmitting molecule bufotenin, 5-MeO-DMT and the enzyme capable of methylating it – unique properties in a very singular animal. Alongside historical findings, trade routes & ease of transport indicate that Bufo Alvarius’ medicinal properties had been well known in ancient Mesoamerica.

In the Mayan ruins of Balamkú there is a majestic frieze found in the House of the Jaguar. Known as the Four Kings, the carvings clearly depict each king positioned in meditational state atop the open mouth of a toad, dressed allegorically as though participating in an entheogenic festival. A primary temple of the Aztecs, Templo Mayor, has two large ancient stone toad carvings known as the Altar of the Toads.

Although written of in the 60’s, and explored in sub culture since then, it is with the development of relations between Octavio and the Seri people, that a recognition of Otac as a once forgotten sacred medicine is now being heralded world wide. More than a medicine, Otac offers insight to those who have searched for purpose in what is all too often perceived to be a meaningless world. Contrary to mainstream addiction treatments, Otac allows for an essential unification between the medical & the sacred arena, and consequently offers viable alternatives to the current destructive habits of humanity.

Dr Octavio Rettig, alongside a team of professionals, is working towards essential re-education regarding the extraordinary substance that is Otac and the complimentary and beneficial medicine Yopo. Sharing historical & experiential evidence, Octavio offers a practical message of hope for the future of human kind. The development of safe practice, inclusive of preparation, administration & integration; as well as the essential need to ensure conservation and sustainability acts, are paramount to those working towards the world recognition of Otac and all of Earth’s Entheogen as Sacred Ancient Medicine.