Psychedelic research

Patrick Everitt is a researcher of psychedelics, esotericism, and philosophy. He has university qualifications in software engineering, computer security, philosophy, classics, and western esotericism. He has presented on his research at the OPEN Foundation’s Interdisciplinary Conference for Psychedelics Research, the Irish Network for the Study of Esotericism and Paganism, Breaking Convention, O.Z.O.R.A. Festival, the Psychedelic Society of Ireland’s Psychedelic Seminars, and Altered Conference.

Critical Challenges to Psychedelic Researchers

Among the key challenges facing contemporary psychedelic activists, researchers, and practitioners are: (i) developing techniques of coherently describing psychedelic states of consciousness, (ii) safely inducing psychedelic states of consciousness that produce beneficial transformations, and (iii) demonstrating to the surrounding culture the value of psychedelics, psychedelic-assisted therapy, and the entheogenic use of psychedelics. This presentation will examine these challenges in terms of linguistic philosophy, the philosophy of religion, and the philosophy of science. It will explore topics including terminology, ritual, drug policy, pseudo-science, and superstition.