Modern psychedelic practice

Richard Furr is a retired psychotherapist and trauma healing expert who specializes in working with fear and anxiety, perintatal trauma, spiritual emergency, and non-ordinary states of concioussness. Having lectured at several Universities on the topic, Richard has become internationally recognized expert on the topic of psychotherapeutic integration of ayahuasca. Richard has thousands of hours of experience helping people integrate their ayahuasca experiences as a psychotherapist. Richard has more than 2 decades experience in brazilian and peruvian ayahuasca traditions. Richard now runs a healing clinic in Colorado and Costa Rica.

Bridging Ayahuasca and Psychotherapy – A new model for psychotherapeutic integration in the 21st century.

Ayahuasca is quickly becoming a global phenomenon. This is due in large to widespread reports of positive impact on participant’s lives. However, coincidingly, it is becoming increasingly common for some participants to report psychologically harmful effects. Evidence of novel forms of Ayahuasca associated neurosis and psychopathology is emerging at an increasing frequency. Intercultural tensions arising from ethnocentrism are occurring, and many competitive and contradictory belief systems are circulating. The limitations of these traditional belief systems are becoming more apparent, and there is an increasing demand for an effective therapeutic model that transcends, and includes, the positive aspects of the traditional models used by indigenous cultures. This talk will explore the limits of native ritual models when seen in a global context. Utilizing elements from various fields (transpersonal psychology, developmental psychology, perinatal psychology, integral theory, systems theory, traumatology, and neurobiology), a new framework is presented to help assist facilitators, clinicians, as well as participants, understand the mechanisms fundamental to effective use and healthy integration of the Ayahuasca experience in the 21st century.