Author of the God Molecule, and The Bufo Medicinae Codex. Pioneer in toad medicine ceremonies around the world. More than 4,000 ceremonies abroad. Doctor, gynecologist and medicine man

Toad Medicine and the Entheogenic Experience

Nowadays it has been called the God Molecule. And although it is not Panaceae, it is not the cure of all things, and certainly not a “magical bullet” for all of us, it has the ability to produce on individuals the strongest spiritual experience recorded. This has triggered a wave of multiple “inexperienced” facilitators that are sharing this molecule in an unsafe environment and unethically that has ended in the death of at least 5 people it has produced a whole bunch of psychological damage to a lot of human beings. And like Nathasha mentioned without proper guidance it opens people up to the possibility of danger and harm. This molecule truly confers individuals the opportunity to dissolve completely all our Cosmovisions and Ego made perceptions and illusions to merge into the Oneness of things. To feel Infinity, a face to face encounter with Source. By self realization of our divine nature and like Martin Ball defined: “ reach the true energetic nature of our living reality”, thus we are able to truly unravel all our human expression to the point of achieving a full healing process by complete analysis of our lives, of our lineage, curing individuals on all levels, mind, body and soul. To experience the inter connective-ness of all things that were, that are, and that ever will. Like Leary described: “To live a billion year old process within our self” and practically to be freed from our physical bound form for a period of only 20 minutes Earth time.