Non-psychedelic alternative states of consciousness

Yakir Elkayam is an independent researcher exploring the interlinks between the anatomical patterns of the body and the mental patterns of the psyche. Yakir gained his B.Ed in Dance-Theater and continued to specialize in the Feldenkrais method and Craniosacral. He is a founder of a bodywork clinic where he applies a multi-method approach including Buddhism, Body Awareness, and Anatomy, to advance the alignment of Body and Mind.

“Inner Movement: a meditative journey exploring body perception”

The workshop will focus on gaining access to the Body Perception, drawing on the Feldenkrais method and neurological representations of the body (i.e., Cortical Homunculus). Body Perception is a map of acquaintance with our anatomic representation, realizing it can shed light on body alignment and reveal inner neurological patterns. We will use methods of capturing Body Image through meditative scanning of sensations in different resolutions – observing and feeling our own proprioception patterns. With this kind of enhanced consciousness, we can gain better ability to relate and work with bodily experience, particularly when consciousness has been altered.