Non-psychedelic alternative states of consciousness

Melitta is a multi-media artist with credits including director, producer, videographer, graphic designer and photographer Her work focuses on themes that contribute to the awakening of the interconnection of a global consciousness. Her photographs have been published in magazines, newspapers, book covers and DVDs. She has co-produced and co-directed ethnographic docs that have won awards and have been screened in festivals around the world including the “Museum of Modern Art ” in New York, the “Rotterdam International Film Festival”, and the “All Roads National Geographic Film Festival”. Currently, she has finalized the production of the multimedia coffee-table ArtBook titled ‘Beyond Duality: The Esoteric Realism of Beny Tchaicovsky’, published and distributed worldwide by ‘Last Gasp’. “’Beyond Duality’ brings belated recognition to Beny Tchaicovsky, an artist whose genius and remarkable artistic legacy is lastly being discovered” Stanley Krippner Ph.D. (Foreword)


Beny Tchaicovsky (1954-2009) was a multimedia award-winning computer artist and visionary. His art has been categorized as Surrealism or Fantastic Realism, he termed his art as”Esoteric Realism”, in which creativity is used as a tool for consciousness exploration and as an agent of social change. Aside from a meaningful metaphysical and cosmic aspect, much of his work is a critique of society’s preoccupation with consumerism and war. In the early 90’s, Tchaicovsky began expanding his two-dimensional paintings into 3D animation and in the process became one of the pioneering artists who contributed to the history of 3D animation as an art form. His work has appeared worldwide since it was featured in the “Gate to the Mind’s Eye” and “Odyssey into the Mind’s Eye”. It stood out because it was one of the few works that deserved to be called truly creative, meaningful and artistic. Very few artists nowadays pursue 3D animation for the sake of artistic expression; most are doing special effects, games, commercials, etc. His Morning Star Trilogy is an INCREDIBLE artistic accomplishment by any standard. It is full of AMAZING animations, and each segment and program is totally different from the others. Tchaicovsky conquered the illusionary boundaries between art and science by working in painting, computer-generated imagery, 3D animation and as a musician and composer. CAUGHT BETWEEN WORLDS., password – beny