Spirituality and Humanity

Jesús Alejandro López Castillo, was born in the city of Tehuacan, Puebla, Mexico. He has a degree in biology from the Universidad Veracruzana. Author of the book: La Buena Muerte: Enteogeónos y Euthanasia (The Good Death Entheogens and Euthanasia) – Lunaria Ediciones, November 2017); an analysis from the bioethics of the use of entheogens for the management of anxiety in terminal patients. He has had the opportunity to present papers within specialized congresses such as Sacred Plants of the Americas 2018, and also took presentations at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México and the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de México; proposing an approach from a transdisciplinary perspective, and a search for dialogue between traditional knowledge and the Western scientific point of view.

The absence of the sacred: abuse of entheogens in Mexico

Mexico is a site with an unusual abundance of biotic resources with entheogenic properties used within sacred contexts, this situation is linked to its ethnic cultural richness. Among the uses given to this biota, those of ceremonial type stand out, using this type of substances to maintain the sociocultural balance within the environment in which the indigenous groups develop. The experience of the sacred generated by this type of substances, serves as an integrating nucleus of the groups in question. This experience of the sacred to which we refer is often sought by Western individuals, who being foreign to the levels of reality within which situated cultures develop, incurs abuses; but not only that, also the little knowledge that they often have about the biological effects of these substances, makes them incur in behaviors, which put their psychological as well as physical integrity at risk. This proposal makes a reflection about this situation to which we refer, within the specific context of Mexico. Keywords: Enteogens, psychoactive abuse, risk control