Danny Nemu

Danny Nemu is a writer, activist and ayahuasca researcher with academic background in the History and Philosophy of Medicine. He first encountered ayahuasca when living in Japan, and eventually followed the trail back to the source of Daime in the Brazilian Amazon. He was bitten by a sandfly, which proved to be a great teacher. The resulting 8 month battle with a necrotic parasite provided a window into Daime ritual technologies, and an opportunity to explore the meaning of illness and health from a different point of view.

Interests include traditional perspectives from both indigenous culture and scripture, and traditional modes of engagement with areas of human experience usually dominated by academic, pharmaceutical and state bodies – health and neurodiversity, insight and innovation, psychedelics and extraordinary experience.

His books Science Revealed and Neuro-Apocalypse are available from Psychedelic Press UK, and he is a regular contributor to the Psypress journal, as well as Reality Sandwich and Bia Labate’s blog.

Website: www.nemusend.co.uk