Eleonora Molnar

Eleonora Molnar

Eleonora Molnar is a relational somatic psychotherapist, health care systems planner and an independent researcher with interests in public and primary health, ethics, policy reform, eco-psychology and consciousness studies. Eleonora’s passion for women’s roles and perspectives in the area of cognitive liberty has led her to organize the Women’s Visionary Congress salon in Vancouver, BC, at Simon Fraser University. She is the director of the WVC in Canada.

Ethical Standards for Psychedelic Research and Treatment

This talk will discuss some of the ethical implications of current psychedelic research, as well as future treatments that may become available as psychedelics become a legal adjunct to psychotherapy. While there currently is not a universal set of ethics adopted by psychedelic researchers and clinicians, some thought should be given to be given developing such standards. There is a wide range of social, cultural, spiritual, economic and environmental concerns that should be be considered.

Self Defence and Jedi Practices in the Psychedelic World – Community Discussion (workshop)

Community discussion on benefit maximization and harm reduction regarding the use of psychedelics. The community discussion will examine different ways that power can be misused in ceremonies with entheogenic substances and suggest some practical steps participants can take to protect themselves.