Jonas Di Gregorio

Jonas Di Gregorio

Jonas Di Gregorio has a degree in Philosophy from La Sapienza University of Rome.
He worked for several years for a harm reduction project financed by the Italian government and volunteered at several festivals with the Zendo Project and other psychedelic harm reduction services.
In 2015 he did an internship for the International Drug Policy Consortium and participated in the 57th Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna.
In 2015 he founded the Cognitive Freedom Alliance, a non-profit organization envisioning a post-prohibition world where psychedelics are safely integrated in our culture.
He works as facilitator and musician, in collaboration with psycho-therapists leading amazonian plant medicine retreats.
He is currently working on a documentary project about cryptocurrency and philanthropy, entitled “Giving with Bitcoin: Generosity in the Age of Blockchain”.

Psychedelics and UNGASS 2019

The goal of this presentation is to invite the psychedelic community to participate at UNGASS 2019, the Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly on the World Drug Problem, that will take place next year in New York.
The vision is to bring the voice of those advocating for drug policy reform about psychedelics into the international debate of United Nations.
This idea has been launched in 2015 at Breaking Convention in London, with a panel discussion entitled “Psychedelics and UNGASS 2016”.

With this presentation I would like to:
present some ideas regarding international drug policy activism at the level of United Nations;
share some information about the creation of the Global Psychedelic Network;
speak about the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs that takes place every year in Vienna and the Civil Society Task Force aiming at bringing the voice on NGOs into the UN international debate.

If possible, I would like to offer this presentation as a panel discussion inviting other speakers to talk on this subject.
When I hosted the panel “Psychedelics and UNGASS 2016” during the Breaking Convention in London in 2015, I invited Rick Doblin and other people working in the field of drug policy.
For this presentation at Beyond Psychedelics 2018 I would like to invite to offer a contribution:
Rick Doblin and/or Natalie Ginsberg (MAPS policy manager)
Benjamin De Loenen and/or Costanza Sanchez (ICEERS).

Psychedelic research and crypto-currency community

In December 2017 a generous benefactor known as “Pine” donated 1 million dollars to MAPS through bitcoin, to support psychedelic research.
A few days after, another donor gave the same amount through bitcoin.

We are facing a new era of philanthropy based on cryptocurrencies and this trend is raising a lot of interest in the psychedelic community.

In January 2018 took place the first summit on psychedelics and cryptocurrencies, entitled CryptoPsychedelics.
Among the speakers there were many experts in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and psychedelic research.

We are facing a scenario where psychedelic research might boost incredibly thanks to the support of the cryptocurrency network.
With this presentation I would like to share the most relevant news on this subject, providing a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and crypto-philanthropy.