Juliana Wright

Juliana Wright

Juliana Wright was born in 1947 and is a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 2.

She went to Oxford University and came through with a Fine Art degree.  Her special gift was for portraiture. She followed this extraordinary ( to her, a divine gift ) until her children were born.

The following years were subsumed in babies, divorce, poverty. . .just doing the best in difficult circumstances.  Nothing unusual here.

In the early ’90’s she ran a ceremonial ( yes, we dressed up! ) magic group for 5 years, with a magical partner, working with the Western Mystery Tradition of the Celts; a practical system based on the land, the seasons and the cosmology of the northern hemisphere. They met for weekends on a monthly basis. On the eqinoxes and Celtic fire festivals they would have an all night ritual themed on invoking the archetypes associated with them. They were all using this wonderful system for their own personal exploration and growth.

In 2001 she came across an Australian spiritual  master whose practical teachings on Love and Truth and getting your life right changed her life.

She feels, tho, that her true calling in this life began to materialise in 2010 with an intensive 2 year initiation into plant medicines: ayahuasca, san pedro, peyote, iboga. alongside an initiation into Kambo. The iboga initiation in particular initiated a further profound epiphany –  grounding and deepening the embodiment of what had already been realised and almost immediately after it, she began to offer small ceremonies in her own home ( ayahuasca, san pedro and iboga as well as working with the frog medicine, Kambo ) using her experience in holding ceremony. together with being true to being present in the body, free of traditions. She has never been called to the glamour of shamanism.

After a few years her services to the medicines refined itself to concentrating on working solely with the intelligence of Iboga.

She has taken 100’s of celebrants through this initiation and offers each person the potential to change their reality; to leave the nonsense of the thinker, enter the stillness of the body and to have the gnosis ( direct experience ) of this authenticity.

She has strong protocols in place and a mandatory preparation period of microdosing and one on one mentoring before taking the initiation. This may be unique in this field.

She is now seeing the importance of aligning with the scientific research of these powerful teacher plants and is looking at sharing her considerable expertise with those who are endeavouring to bring this misunderstood gift from Mother Nature out of the shadows.

Breaking open the Head: The Medicine of Iboga