Lucy – After school I did a training as therapist for alternative herbal medicine. Opening my own practice failed for a number of reasons. I started a training as nurse but quit it after one year; then I did a 3 year training as lab technician. Currently I work as lab technician and I’ll start another therapist training this year, “breath therapist”, which is focused on psychological issues, integrating the body into the therapeutic process.
Since 2015 I’m also in the training to become a facilitator for Holotropic Breathwork, I’m almost finished. A year ago I joined a harm reduction group in my area (Safer Dance Basel); we spread neutral, fact-based information about drugs on party and festival sites, trip-sit people who are physiologically safe but overwhelmed by their experience, and occasionally we have a mobile laboratory with us to provide a drug checking service.

“Working through childhood trauma: Self-empowerment through expanded states of consciousness”

How does psychedelic self-medication work in severe conditions like chronic PTSD? What is essential for healing and what blocks it?
After years of therapy and diagnosed with PTSD resulting from childhood trauma, I accidentally bumped into the healing potential of expanded states of consciousness. I began to explore what my soul and mind had to offer with the help of various substances and techniques. Step by step I overcame my symptoms – most of the time alone, without a therapist guiding or helping me through the sessions and integration of my experiences. My talk will be about this healing journey and the question that was always in my mind: How can I use the experience I am having right now to learn and heal a little more?