Maor Keshet

Maor Keshet

Maor Keshet (Born 1965) is a Film Editor and Director since 1991, having won the highest accolade, the Ofir award, from the Israeli Film Academy for his editing work on the film Revolution 101 (2010). Maor has vast experience
in editing and directing Feature Films, Documentaries, Music Videos, Hi-end Videos, Multiple Screen Installations and creating Video and Animation Related Software.

Here are a sampling of his videos created just for fun:
● “Flowers” (This video started as a private family project and ended up as Habanot
Nechama’s Official Video)
● “I Don’t Like Google” (for The Armond Pain Project )
In 1987, after his (mandatory) military service, Maor took some time to travel around the globe. In California he was introduced to Psychedelics by The Rainbow Family, that he was lucky enough to meet. Maor is an active member of The Israeli Psychedelic Network.

TERRA INCOGNITA – Digital Shamanic Art Project

When I first encountered this theory a few month ago in a meeting of The Israeli Psychedelic Network, I was deeply moved and inspired. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am a Film Editor and Director. As soon as the meeting ended I rushed to the Internet. The results of my internet search blew my mind even more.

More information in PDF file.