Neer Offek, Ph.D. & Tali Horev

Neer Offek, Ph.D. & Tali Horev

Neer Offek: I am a researcher in the field of artificial intelligence using machine learning approaches. I seek to understand human language using computational models. The sort of questions that motivate me are related to the exploration of consciousness and learning. My PhD dissertation focuses on identifying emotions and sentiment in human language. My publication profile involves top peer review journals and conferences and is available online. Non Academic: Co-Founder of the Israeli psychedelic network were scientists and care-givers can explore questions together.

Tali Horev (m.s.w): social worker, practicing psychotherapy, also consulting for parents and youth in the field of addiction and research about trauma and ethnogenic substances. She is the cofounder and admin of the “Israel Psychedelic Network” : community and research group and is taking part in harm reduction projects in festivals.

Neer together with Tali founded the “Israel Psychedelic Network” to enable the space and setting for its participants when discussing, learning and meeting around the Psychedelic experience. Neer has a PhD in computer engineering in the field of intelligent machines.

Challenges of Local Psychedelic Network – A Study Case of Israel

The Israeli Psychedelic Network was founded nearly 1.5 years ago following our participation in MAPS “Beyond Psychedelic” conference here in Prague. The network is a hub for nearly 1400 researchers care-givers activists and psychonauts. The main form of organisation is enabled through a Facebook secret group called “Israel Psychedelic network.” On average it has 470 Facebook posts comments and reactions per day by 700 active members. An essential part of the network is its monthly gatherings which form community of people who come to learn support and explore thoughts together. We would like to explore the attributes of the network. Additionally we seek to focus in of the challenges we encounter with, and the way we address them. They include the network’s growing pace, cultivating trust among its members and the types of lexicons and terminology that are known to its participants. We would like to describe assets and social benefits of such network such as initiation of psychedelic female-association and the curation of related Hebrew materials for the education of the local society. We will be happy to present concerns which are particular to our country such as including people of minorities in the network such as Jewish orthodox – which may be conflictual to some members; working in a traumatised society; the startup nation atmosphere; warm and caring society and the need for community.