Pavel Kubů MD

Pavel Kubů MD

Pavel Kubů MD is the expert in the medical informatics and adictology. 2001 graduated in general medicine with a focus on diseases prevention and public health at Charles University in Prague, 3rd Medical Faculty.

Between 2005 and 2015 has worked for Intel Corporation as the Business Development Manager. He was leading projects of Intel World Ahead Program for Healthcare in Central and Eastern Europe and Education in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

In 2006 appointed as chairman of the Ethical Commission at the Czech National Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Abuse. This government agency is among others responsible for evaluation of ethical conditions and human rights compliance in all R&D adiktology projects requesting public fundings.

Serves since 2007 as the board member of the Czech National Forum for eHealth, between 2012 and 2015 as the steering comittee member of Czech Healthcare Forum and from 2013 as the board member of medical cannabis patient organization KOPAC. In March 2015 became founding member of International Medical Cannabis Patient Coalition. He is primarily devoted to education of healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers and support of research and development of new treatment and preventive methods in these nonprofit NGOs.

Since 2011 leads medical strategy implementation in co-founded company Elon. Company is focused on R&D of wearable plastic electronics with printed light for photodynamic treatment methods used in opthalmology, dermatology, neonatology, mental health, oncology and surgery.

December 2015 founded with colleagues International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute and become Chief Executive Officer of research and innovation hub focused on clinical knowledge, services and tools development for new treatment methods implementation to clinical practise using whole-plant medical cannabis in combination with personalized medicine tools and integrated care methods.

Personalised cannabis treatments transforming healthcare delivery for EU ageing population

Europe will be the largest medical cannabis market in the World with a market of over 739 million people, and total healthcare spend of €1.49t. Both business and government realize that this thriving industry has a future but the development must be based on conclusive research. A record level of investment in research has seen new facilities opening across Europe. One of the results has been an ever increasing list of predominantly chronic conditions of ageing population that cannabis can treat. As the list grows, so does the potential patient base. Clinical experience and initial evidence indicate needs for personalisation of cannabis treatment with digital tools to provide efficient cure while keeping the quality of life on ambient level.