Stephen Reid

Stephen Reid

Stephen Reid is the founder and co-director of the UK Psychedelic Society, the creator of and the press officer for the Breaking Convention Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness. Previously, he served on the board of Greenpeace UK and co-founded the New Economics Foundation’s New Economy Organisers Network. Stephen has Masters degrees in Physics from the University of Oxford (MPhys, First Class — dissertation) and Complexity Sciences (MRes, Distinction) from the University of Bristol.


Since the appearance of the first psychedelic societies almost a decade ago (University of Kent, 2009; San Francisco, 2011), hundreds of similar grassroots organisations have sprung up around the globe. These organisations form an increasingly well-connected network that is encouraging new friendships and the productive exchange of ideas. Meetings of grassroots organisers have become an important part of psychedelic conferences, with recent gatherings at Beyond Psychedelics (CZ), Psychedelic Science (US) and Breaking Convention (UK).


This global psychedelic community is connected via the web app, currently maintained by the UK Psychedelic Society. Features include:


– personal profiles, including a messaging feature (2500+ people)

– a database of relevant organisations (300+ organisations)

– events listings, with people receiving notifications when an event is listed nearby

– a map view of people, organisations and events

– groups with a variety of privacy settings and dual web/email access


The largest group on the site is the Global Psychedelic Network, made up of almost 400 key organisers across the globe. Data from the site will power the new Find The Others project, featuring video profiles of Psychedelic Societies worldwide, to launch alongside Michael Pollan’s new book.