Tobias Erny

Tobias Erny

Tobias Erny has worked with and loved the Tabernanthe Iboga shrub since 2006. After experiencing himself its enormous healing qualities, he went deeply into research and work with the sacred wood. Besides helping others to witness and decode the ancient wisdom of Iboga for healing purposes as well as for psycho-spiritual discovery, he writes, talks and also organises events evolving around Ibogaine.


Challenges and obstacles in sustainable Iboga(ine) Drug Therapy


Due to the legal status and the underground character of Iboga and Ibogaine, treatments often don’t show the results they could have if embedded in a holistic longterm program.

Pre- and Aftercare are essential factors that are often underrated.

If the mainstream addiction therapists and counselors knew more about this treatment modality and also more about working with patients who have had an Iboga experience, these patients’ reintegration would be much easier. This short talk will show the example of one severely addicted patient whose Ibogaine treatment at first went quite well, but became ruined due to not properly arranged aftercare.