Synergy Track

Psychedelics, altered states of consciousness, and technologies are ever present in all areas of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. As a scientist, provider, user, observer or activist, you have unique and valuable experience with those tools and different perspective on them.

Although psychedelics are still our main topic of interest as tools to achieve a variety of goals, we must also consider that there are other techniques which share a common ground, such as alternative techniques working with altering consciousness and technologies which can alter reality. As they haven’t experienced the backlash as psychedelics did both areas are more developed in many aspects. As a result the psychedelic world also should look to other disciplines to provide expertise and experience, while continuing to develop knowledge either in research or underground. While we struggle to persuade authorities about the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, meditations and holotropic breathwork are becoming integral part of our lives, and technological advancements allow the global community to connect worldwide, describe the physical manifestations of consciousness and even create another reality.

We should also not forget that millions of people don’t wait until the more sensible regulation of psychedelics becomes real and are part of the extensive real practice or – in a smaller but essential extent – clinical research. Both ways of use are rapidly growing and we should keep in mind that we are not in the beginning and there is already a huge knowledge base and wisdom kept by traditions and indigenous societies.

A complex, coherent approach is our priority and therefore we welcome a wide range of participants ranging from scientists, practitioners to patients and psychonauts, and experts on technologies. We believe that from the exchange of knowledge and experience between all those areas can all of us benefit.

How can experts from various areas working with altered states of consciousness collaborate and facilitate the development of new synergies? What can we learn from each other? How can psychedelic research benefit from using technologies?

Selected Lectures in Synergy Track

David E. Nichols. Ph.D.: Structure-Activity Relationships of LSD Analogues more
Dr. Ede Frecska: On the Medical Use of Dimethyltryptamine: Its Positive Effects against Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury
Jose Montemayor. M.A.: The Role that Visionary. Virtual. Augmented and Mixed Reality Technologies Play within the Evolution of Consciousness
Ayana Iyi: Modern Day Witches. Death and Entheogens
Rodrigo Franco Moreiras. B.A.: Ayahuasca: Traditional Knowledge in Modern Culture

Full list of Synergy Track Lectures