Mike Margolies is an event/media producer and connector in psychedelic science, drug policy reform, harm reduction, and blockchain.

In 2015, Mike founded Psychedelic Seminars, which began as a Baltimore-based discussion group to build community for open and honest conversations about psychedelics. Today, the project operates globally as a live and online event series featuring leaders in the psychedelic scene.

As the scale of his work grew, Mike transitioned his role in the local community and mentored the group to lead itself as the Baltimore Psychedelic Society. He has provided guidance to leaders of several other Psychedelic Societies and helped start the Global Psychedelic Network to connect them.

Mike is Co-Founder of CryptoPsychedelic, an event series bringing together leaders in blockchain and psychedelic science, and former Co-Director of Psymposia, a platform for rethinking drugs through live events and online media. Mike co-founded Psymposia Magazine, a free online resource for investigative journalism, personal stories, and deep conversation series.

Mike has produced and participated in international conferences, festivals, and events from Burning Man to London to Tulum, Mexico.

Psychedelic stories

“The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” – Muriel Rukeyser

The recent boom in psychedelic science has inspired so many of us. Yet while the data are important, it’s stories that change hearts and minds. Join us as conference speakers and attendees come out of the psychedelic closet and share personal accounts of deeply meaningful experiences with psychedelics.

Hear everything from tales of transformation to trips of terror. And maybe step up to the mic to share one of your own…

Panel discussion: CryptoPsychedelic: The Intersections of Psychedelic Science and Blockchain Technology

How are cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralization changing money and more? How does this intersect with the world of psychedelics?

Join us as we explore how these communities can work together to ensure a brighter future and achieve common goals. What are the new possibilities in research, innovation, and community building? What are the potential benefits and risks associated with each technology, and what is the role of intention and context (i.e., set and setting)? How can cryptocurrency help fundraising to end harms of the drug war and advance psychedelic therapy? How can blockchain be used to support safe, ethical treatment, accountability, and responsibility? What is the appropriate role of government regulation in crypto and drugs?

How do these two powerful technologies and their respective communities mirror one another? We’ll dive into issues of diversity and inclusion with respect to leadership and access to the benefits and explore what a decentralized post-prohibition world looks like.