Alexander is a dramatherapist, coach and somatic practitioner working in retreats and private practice to support healing journeys and integrate transforming experiences. Mauro is a pharmacist, naturopath, rainforest protector, healer and facilitator of groups. He is known for his clarity, simplicity and humble dedication. Both speakers are fluent in English, in giving talks and leading groups. They cooperate since 4 years and invite you to participate fully and share generously from your heart.

Courage to be Present: Soulfood for the Journey towards Truth

Attacks by dark forces, energy vampires, fear mongers, assuric beings, rival shamans and so on are a serious peril on the path of the seeker of truth. They can swipe away years of steady progress, sap your life energy, influence your relationships and cause serious illness. One doesn’t have to look far to find lurking shadows, ready to confuse and even infiltrate any unguarded mind. It happens usually without the person noticing it and is an absolutely common state of the human condition. Shamanic medicine and trance reveal the light of consciousness and activate our intuitive guidance. The purge drives away the ignorance from the soul, cleaning the person from inside out – just enough to show the way. We are inspired to transform our selfes and to continue on the path of our heart in everyday life. To integrate the experiences we can anchor them in the body and create a new self image, express it in creative play or contemplate the nature of our divinity in silence.