Alice Smeets and Kerrie O’Reilly

Alice Smeets and Kerrie O’Reilly

We, Kerrie O’Reilly and Alice Smeets are the creators of the Website A WHOLE NEW HIGH offers a whole new perspective on how we perceive, use and administer entheogens. We are entheogenic guides, which means we prepare and guide people through entheogenic trips and help them to integrate their experience into their daily lives to create a lasting change. Using the entheogenic experience as a catalyser, we assist our clients in revealing the layers of behavioural patterns, coping mechanisms and conditionings of early life experience. This experience of integration can be very joyful and spiritual, but it can also be scary and confusing. By encouraging the communication between heart and mind, we assist consciousness explorers in taking steps in adapting their life and environment for it to match and resemble their personal truth. We are inspired by and have learned from Dr. Stanislav Grof, Dr. Frederieke Meckel, Alejandro Jodorowski and Teal Swan.

Entheogenic Integration Workshop

“If your life is not improving, you’re just taking drugs”. We love this quote, Why? Because it encapsulates the exact difference between taking drugs to get high and having a conscious drug experience and that’s exactly what we “ A Whole New High” are bringing to the world. Our workshop aims at making transformative entheogenic experiences more beneficial and sustainable well beyond the experience itself. How will we bring the insights and intensity of our experience into our daily life? How can we support ourselves and each other in moving through difficult passages, letting go of the old ways of being, and then creating life anew after the experience is over? This workshop will allow participants to delve deeper into the layers of the integration process. The workshop is designed for people who have tripped before to make sense of their experience. We will unravel the confusion regarding “bad trips” showing participants how to use the knowledge gained in this experience and understanding what the trip was trying to show them. We will teach attendees how to turn a “bad trip” into an “deep understanding of the self”, changing their misunderstood “nightmare” into life changing experience.

Part 1: Lecture

Part 2: Integration Group Exercises + Individual facilitation in front the group

Part 3: We will present a “take home” list of things that can be done to learn from the insights received

Part 4: Q&A