Amit Elan

Amit Elan

Amit Elan Is the executive director and co-founder of Altered (Altered Conference – Berlin), working with the Psychedelic Society UK co-facilitating Psychedelic Experience Weekends in The Netherlands. Practices and studies plant medicine for last 8 years. He has spent periods doing research with the plants and the Shipibo medicine people in the Peruvian Amazons. Amit works as a professional Visual artist and Dancer, exhibiting and performing internationally over the last decade, a dedicated Yogi and facilitates workshops and experimental sound journeys. Grew up near Tel Aviv in Israel and is now based in Berlin. Currently researching and interested in social taboos, breaking them and looking at the ways we have been programmed and conditioned by society. Curious to learn from fear, vulnerability, shame, imperfection and the topic of “failure”, rituals and new contemporary creative ways to work with psychedelics.

Dance Revolution Ritualistic Laboratory

A free expression dance ritual. Connecting with our body-mind-spirits through a facilitated journey exploring movement, voice, sound, beat and sweat! A laboratory to creatively connect with ourselves and each other. 
In this playful process all is welcome! Laughter, tears, and the full spectrum of emotions. We build together a safer space to be Vulnerable, wild, soft, childlike, animalistic, experimental and let go of anything that is holding us back. 

We may choose to navigate realms of play, shadows, shyness, open outgoingness, non verbal communication (Gibberish, touch, energetic, eyes, telepathically) 🙂 trying new things. The ritual is inspired by the combo of Indigenous rituals mashed up with modern rave parties and therapeutic contemporary dance methods.

 During the ritual there will be little interventions sometimes, Introducing different elements and invitations throughout the journey, but mostly we will be free styling and creating the space as a collective, letting the magic happen.