Fabienne Bâcle

Fabienne Bâcle

French psychotherapist , graduate in specialized education and in psychotherapy.

From 1977 to 2003,  was employed in different French institutions, attending disabled persons, children and teenagers with psychological problems.

She is working in  the  Center Takiwasi from 2003, accompanying resident patients with drug addiction and participants in therapeutic process with plants of all the countries, being formed in the management of the  plant of  traditional Amazonian medicine.

La “cruzadera” : negative interference according to the concept of traditional medicine.

The management of therapeutic use of the plants in traditional Amazonian medicine requires strict rules and precautions.

The respect of these rules during and after the ritual, (be purges, diets, and ayahuasca), conditions the result of the process. These rules are of food and sexual order.

Their transgression leads to disturbances/perturbations at the physical, psychological, energetic / spiritual level, from the lightest to the most several.

In the Amazonian healer tradition, these perturbations are called: “cruzaderas”

We will analyse this topic, starting from the acclamation of ritual’s importance, reasons behind the rules, using clinical examples.