Isak Gundrosen

Isak Gundrosen

Isak Gundrosen – Born on the west coast of Norway. Moved to Oslo to take my bachelor degree in experience design which turned out to be very focused on marketing and advertising. This demotivated me enough to stop searching for a job in this field and I went to art school. This opened me up to a way of using the dark arts learned in advertising for a greater purpose; to help change the public perception of drugs(mainly psychedelics).

Through my design studio I have designed the visual branding and websites and for EmmaSofia(Norwegian org. fighting for our right to use MDMA and Psilocybing), “The Association for a safer drug policy”(Organization working towards ending the War on Drugs in Norway), Norwegian LEAP, German Psychedelic Society and lately some work designing the new website for “The Third Wave”, who spreads knowledge on the many benefits of Microdosing.

Finally I decided to make an art project around all this and the result is “Pretty Drug Things”.

“Pretty Drug Things – Changing the perception of drugs using the dark arts of advertising”

Advertising plays a huge role on our lives. By guiding the unconscious mind advertisers can influence your opinion in many sneaky ways. Most countries have some regulations regarding marketing of pharmaceuticals or recreational drugs, but billions of dollars are being spent on marketing in the pharmaceutical industry and governments all over the world have spent billions of dollars on demonising drugs through marketing campaigns. Sometimes even go so far as fabricating research to back up their claims.

It is impressive how effective this has been in changing the public perception of drugs. Most people have a general opinion of these things being inherently bad without actually understanding or caring about the underlaying mechanisms.

Pretty Drug Things is an art project on the perception of drugs as well as a community database of images and graphics freely shared to the public. It explores different visual aesthetics and marketing techniques used in either promoting or demonising different psychoactive substances in our society.

The intention is to put the spotlight on the absurdity we face by having drugs being promoted or demonised, not based on their harm to the user or society, but on a political scale that has little roots in reality.

You can check out the site in it’s current for now at