Jose Montemayor

Jose Montemayor

Jose Montemayor is a visionary artist and psychonaut based in London, whose work are transcending traditional media.

Jose began a search for deeper meaning in his work and life since he was 18, which lead him into a series of self-discovery expeditions and experiences both in the outer world and in his inner world.

Since these profound experiences, which lead him into a series awakening realizations, he has been dedicating his heart and soul towards contributing to the collective building of new paradigms and metaparadigms to help accelerate the evolvement and emergence of the collective consciousness.

For the past years, he has been dedicating a big part of his time for the creation of “Virtual Awakening”, a decentralized visionary educational platform that brings art, technology, science, and spirituality together; providing, creating and hosting a vast collection of conscious immersive media that catalyzes insights of an ontological and ecological awareness through augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies. He is also collaborating for the building of a collective movementwithin these immersive technologies that cultivate a “cyberdelic” approach towards the creation of content and context through a community-based project called “The Cyberdelics Incubator”.

Jose’s multidisciplinary work explores areas ranging from photography, film, 3d animation, projection mapping, live visuals for music (VJ), and virtual + mixed reality experiences.