Julian Vayne

Julian Vayne

Julian Vayne is a British occultist with over three decades of experience of esoteric culture: from Druidry to Chaos Magick, from indigenous American shamanism through to Freemasonry and Wicca. During this time Julian has written for numerous underground esoteric journals, contributed to various collections of essays, led workshops, retreats and facilitated a wide range of group ceremonies.

Pharmakon: Drugs and the Imagination, Magick Works: Stories of occultism in theory and practice and Deep Magic Begins here…  His co-authored works include Now That’s What I Call Chaos Magick (with Greg Humphries),The Book of Baphomet (with Nikki Wyrd) and most recently Chaos Craft (with Steve Dee). Julian has contributed articles to academic publications including The New Generation Witches: Teenage Witchcraft in Contemporary Culture and Seeking the Sacred With Psychoactive Substances: Chemical Paths to Spirituality and God

He is a founding member of Transform Drug Policy Foundation and Chair of The Friends of The Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft .  A regular speaker at conferences on the subject of contemporary occultism and magic he is a also a museum educator and in that capacity is the author of Wonderful Things: Learning with Museum Objects. He is the leading contributor to theblogofbaphomet.com. His most recent and much celebrated work is Getting Higher: The Manual of Psychedelic Ceremony.

Psychedelic Ceremony in Theory and Practice

Human beings have developed many strategies to contain and direct the psychedelic experience. While cultural conditions and symbol sets vary, core techniques can be identified in modern as well as traditional contexts.  From the choice of music playing while the acid chemist conducts their synthesis, through to the night long vigils developed from the encounter between American shamanism and European occultism – the world of drugs is laced with magic.

In this talk Julian Vayne will take us on wild trip through ancient psychedelic mystery cults,  archaic shamanic cultures and into the modern age of magical mind-manifesting chemicals and psychedelic neurohacking. Discover how Britain’s first sexologist supplied peyote to notorious ‘black magician’ Aleister Crowley, how Rave culture echoes traditional ceremony and how modern psychonauts are using everything from ayahuasca to xenon in their mind-manifesting practice. Expect history, personal accounts and practical examples of approaches to exploring the magical, psychedelic medicines.