Miroslav Jura

Miroslav Jura

Miroslav graduated in psychotherapy, economy and social work. He has completed 10 years of SUR dynamic group psychotherapy training at Prague Psychotherapeutic Faculty. Meanwhile he also finished University of Finance and Administration and established several companies in the commercial sphere. He combined his experiences from more fields and worked as a CEO for couple of years mostly for technological companies. Let’s say that management is something like psychotherapy for organizations for him. Most recently he graduated from Prague College of Psychosocial Studies in Applied Psychotherapy. His diploma discovers the theme of support expectant fathers and fathers after the birth of a child from the viewpoint of social work and applied psychotherapy and is based on a research he started in 2010.

Miroslav is also engaged in personal development. He started with meditation trainings led by Osho’s associate Prasadam Hoshy Tiessler in 2007. Until now he has completed many specific workshops and trainings. The most important are the tantric trainings Sacred Body, Passionate Spirit led by John Hawken and Body, Heart & Soul led by Alan Lowen. Over the last 4 years Miroslav has built and cared about a community of people who are interested in life changing experiences.

Looking into the therapeutic potential of MDMA at parties

MDMA (or ecstasy) is called an entrance substance for the world of psychedelics. Usually we perceive it as one of the easiest substances with low risk of bad trips. It is known as a substance for parties with low potential for personal development. In case of therapeutic usage, it usually is associated with individual therapy sessions.

But lots of young adults across EU and beyond try to use MDMA also in different ways. It seems that with professional dosing, safe environment and with quality psycare, MDMA could mediate life changing experiences and lead to huge steps in personal, and let’s say spiritual development, too. At first glance these events might look just like parties. But in fact, a quality guided “m-editation” has the potential of group therapy.

This presentation will introduce you to concepts of guided collective usage of MDMA for personal development as it is practiced in other countries. The lecture will show the main setting, rules, experiences of events like this and also point out risks of group therapy with this substance. Last but not least, it will offer a new point of view on therapeutic effects of parties in general.