Nir Tadmor

Nir Tadmor

Nir Tadmor is the founder of a psychedelic crisis intervention project called Safe Shore, he is a MSc student in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology through the Alef Trust and a practitioner of a mindfulness based psychotherapy called Hakomi. Nir is facilitating trainings in supporting extreme states and works as a guide in a mental-hospital-substitution project.

“The Hero’s Journey as a Roadmap for a Psychedelic Crisis Intervention Process”

While going through a psychedelic crisis can be an extremely challenging experience, given the right set and setting, it can also turn out to be an experience of profound healing and growth. Interestingly, the journey of the mythical hero described by Joseph Campbell in his book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”, unfolds in a very similar fashion to that of the one who experiences a psychedelic crisis. This lecture will shed light on the archetypal nature of the psychedelic crisis by using the different stages of the hero’s journey as a roadmap for the intervention process. The characteristics of supportive set and setting will be discussed and their importance for the completion of the journey will be emphasized through the speaker’s own experiences as a team leader in a psychedelic crisis intervention project.

“The Post-Army Use of Psychedelics in Israel”

It is known that Israel has an obligatory military service. Consequently, thousands of freshly released Israeli soldiers are embarking on a long journey to all parts of the world every year. Some of them carry traumatic experiences from the battle field, others are burnt-out from the rigid military discipline. Looking for freedom and wanting to rediscover themselves, many of them turn to psychedelics, often leading to unresolved traumatic events re-surfacing with overwhelming force. Although ex-soldiers experiencing a psychedelic crisis during their post-army trip have become a known phenomenon, it is rarely talked about. In this talk I am going to share some of my experiences as a trip-sitter for these soldiers and discuss the complicated ethical challenges in supporting them. Being a team leader in a psychedelic crisis intervention project gave me the opportunity to support numerous soldiers who were dealing with horrible memories from their service. The emergence of such events can manifest in an extremely explosive behaviors and in psychotic episodes that can last for weeks after the event. The goal of this talk is to share some of the difficulties and challenges in working with a heavily traumatized society.