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Our mission is to create and cultivate an environment for positive change in both ordinary and psychedelic reality.

Our vision is a healthy and conscious society that uses the full potential of conscious experience in a meaningful and safe way to improve the quality of life and responsibly address existing and emerging challenges.



we currently offer:

What is Beyond?

Through our work we actively contribute to setting the gold standards and developing psychedelic education, services and interdisciplinary collaboration. We conduct and promote research and encourage progressive, evidence-based drug policies. We raise awareness among the professional and lay public.

Since 2016, we have organized more than 120 events and programs attended by thousands of people from all over the world. We follow the path started by Professor Stanislav Grof, our fellow citizen.

We organize professional conferences, seminars, educational programs, psychedelic integration groups, cultural events and more in the field of psychedelics and expanded states of consciousness. We are involved in research and legislative changes.

Our activities have been carried out in collaboration with dozens of organizations around the world, including the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, the National Institute of Mental Health and many others.

Most recently, we have focused on the development of psychedelic education and care in our home country of the Czech Republic.


Now, we are returning to the global psychedelic scene. 


We are currently developing other educational and psychedelic care programmes and events.

Stay tuned and be one of the first pioneers with us!