First Psychedelic Aid Course

Basics of Providing First Aid in a Challenging Psychedelic Experience

Psychedelics are substances that can alter consciousness, perception, thinking and behaviour, often in intense and unpredictable ways. These include magic mushrooms, LSD, ayahuasca, and 5-MeO-DMT, as well as MDMA, ketamine, THC, and many others.

While the available evidence shows that these substances have significant therapeutic potential, they can also lead to challenging experiences or so called “bad trips”, particularly when used in inappropriate contexts or without adequate care.

 Experts agree that if a person with such an experience is provided with appropriate care, the negative consequences can be significantly reduced while increasing the potential benefits.


Everyone can help with a bad trip

The course is designed to increase the competence of professionals as well as lay people in providing basic support during the acute phase of a challenging psychedelic experience. It is based on research and best practice in working with people who use psychedelics worldwide, and is led live by experienced experts in the field of psychedelic care and research. The content of the course includes theoretical information, discussion of model situations and experiences from the field, interactive activities, practical skills training and space for questions.

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Course Content

The course content includes theoretical information, discussions on model situations and practical experience, practical skills training, and a space for questions. The course is based on research and examples of best practice when working with people who use psychedelics. 

Topics covered:

 • Introduction into psychedelics and associated risks

 • Challenging psychedelic experience and “bad trip”

 • Current trends in psychedelic use around the world

 • Psychedelic harm reduction – safe and risky set and setting

 • Ethical aspects of peer support

 • Basic principles of psychosocial support for challenging psychedelic experiences


Participants will gain

•  An introduction to psychedelics, basic framework of knowledge, concepts, and methods.

•  Basic skills in providing psychosocial care that can support the safe management of an acute reaction after the use of psychedelic substances.

• Ethical principles of peer support in psychedelic care.

• Self-experience of techniques useful during the psychedelic experience and caring for others.


Pro koho je program vhodný?

  • Kurz je určen široké (odborné i laické) veřejnosti se zájmem o rozšířené stavy vědomí či osoby, které přichází do kontaktu s uživateli psychedelik.
  • Plánujeme samostatné kurzy pro pracovníky v pomáhajících profesích.

Kolik zaplatím?

  • Cena kurzu je 2500-4500,- (dle možností a uvážení účastníků)


practical information

7th June 2023

10am – 6pm

Online (ZOOM)

We offer standard and compassionate course fees.

The minimum number of participants required for the course to take place is 10. The maximum number of participants is limited to 30 in order to ensure the quality of the training provided and the meaningful interactivity that we feel is essential in this type of training.



The lecturing team changes according to the schedule and location. Our instructors are experts in the field of psychedelic care and research. They have academic education in helping professions, specialized trainings and courses in psychedelic therapy and altered states of consciousness, combined with exceptionally rich experience in working with psychedelic states of consciousness.

The First Psychedelic Aid Course is a project of Beyond Psychedelics organization. Experienced professionals from various organizations and training services in therapeutic approaches such as Gestalt therapy, systemic therapy, Pesso Boyden psychomotor psychotherapy, Grof Transpersonal Training, Biosynthesis, Integrative body-focused psychotherapy, etc., contributed to the creation of the course.

We do not take responsibility for how acquired knowledge will be used. The course is not intended to acquire competencies for leading psychedelic therapy or sessions but offers basic tools for helping people going through a psychedelic experience in various contexts. Providing first psychedelic assistance does not replace professional psychological, psychotherapeutic or medical care; it is a basic measure provided for managing an acute reaction. If necessary, professional psychological or medical care may be offered or recommended to the affected individual. This course does not encourage the use of illegal substances. It serves only for education, reducing risks associated with their use, and supporting public health.