Our mission is to create and cultivate an environment for positive change in our approach to both ordinary and psychedelic reality.


Our vision is a healthy and conscious society that meaningfully and safely harnesses the full potential of conscious experience to improve quality of life and responsibly address existing and emerging challenges.


Our work aims to actively contribute to the development of education, services and interdisciplinary collaboration, to promote research and progressive evidence-based drug policy. To spread awareness among the professional and lay public. The aim of our work is to actively contribute to the development of education, services and interdisciplinary cooperation, to promote research and progressive evidence-based drug policy. To spread awareness among the professional and lay public.

Design and promote a comprehensive educational system and institutional framework for the meaningful integration of altered states of consciousness into society. Stimulate the emergence and provide services leading to the reduction of risks and maximisation of benefits from these experiences.

Promote and develop psychedelic care and provide services to reduce the risks and maximize the benefits of these experiences

Generate public interest in mental health research findings with an emphasis on addressing causes rather than consequences. Provide the public with scientific information and experience on the real potential (risks and benefits) of psychoactive substances and altered states of consciousness in an understandable format.

To stimulate innovative and meaningful discussions about human mental health and the potential of altered states of consciousness. Promote interdisciplinary collaboration and the sharing of research findings and practice experiences at local and global levels.

To foster a non-biased environment for research on effective approaches to mental health care. Support research projects and the application of research findings in practice. Initiate and implement research studies.

To support the development and implementation of a workable design of a legislative framework for public policy on psychoactive substances based on empirical evidence and harm-reduction philosophy.


Transparency and honesty

We intend to share information honestly and not hide any information that could result in harm or unfairly favor anyone’s interests.

Critical thinking and curiosity

We consider it important to reflect critically on the status quo and remain open to new perspectives derived from available empirical (scientific or experiential) evidence or new theories.

Communication and cooperation

We believe in the power of community and the importance of seeking consensus through kind, dignified and open communication.


We are aware of how much we still don’t know as individuals and as humanity.

Diversity and inclusion

We are aware of the plurality of approaches that seek to achieve similar goals, and we embrace all of them as long as they are empirically demonstrated to be valid. We strive for social justice.

Service and responsibility

As members of human society, we consider it our responsibility to serve the welfare of conscious beings with the means at our disposal.


We honor the diversity and uniqueness of human beings and treat living beings with dignity regardless of their social status or achievements. We believe that all voices deserve to be heard. We act in accordance with human rights.


We are committed to acting consistently and honestly in accordance with our values.


Board of trustees

Alexandr Strnad, MSc.
Barbora Bláhová, MSc.
Assoc. Prof. Miroslav Horák Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

Rita Kočárová, MSc.

Advisory board

Pavel Nepustil, Ph.D.
Jakub Černý, MSc.
Svatava Bardynová, MSc.
Magdalena Šimečková, MSc. 
Zdeněk Nový, MSc. & BSc. (Hons.)


Beyond Psychedelics was founded as an independent group of several enthusiastic people with the purpose of realizing the largest and at that time the only international conference in the Czech Republic: the Beyond Psychedelics 2016 | Global Multidisciplinary Forum. We missed a space where the whole psychedelic scene would be reflected, where we could critically discuss the diverse approaches to alternative states of consciousness – from traditional approaches and shamanism, to current clinical research on psychedelics and new technologies – and the wide range of applications. A space where we could educate each other and respectfully make new connections, and explore new forms of collaboration together. The driving force for this activity was the fact that these conditions are inadequately treated in our society today and contrary to the available empirical evidence. There are many risks associated with a repressive approach. At the same time, our awareness that these states hold immeasurable potential, that how we work with conscious experience has implications in all areas of human life, whether we are talking about our mental health, our relationship to nature, politics, spirituality, or our moral values.

In addition, we recognize the importance of critical thinking in this area. Decisions are currently being made about how to deal with these conditions, and we believe it is essential to invite all voices that have something to say on the subject into such a discussion: from researchers, to therapists, traditional healers and shamans, mystics or priests, to the users themselves – psychonauts, patients and others.

The conference was successfully realized thanks to our enthusiasm, the support of our patrons and the cooperation with the National Institute of Mental Health, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, the Czech Psychedelic Society and other partners.

The overwhelmingly positive response has motivated us to continue with further outreach, self-development, cultural and educational activities. We continued to organize dozens more events ranging from lectures to film screenings to educational and self-development seminars, which have been attended by thousands of people from the Czech Republic and abroad.

In 2018, we hosted the second edition of the Beyond Psychedelics 2018 | Global Multidisciplinary Forum conference, which was attended by over 600 professionals and other interested parties from around the world. With this event we have already successfully established ourselves on the foreign and Czech scene of accelerating development of psychedelic research and therapy.

In 2019, we officially registered our initiative as a registered institute Beyond Psychedelics z.ú. (Beyond Institute) and legally formalized ourselves as a public benefit corporation, which corresponds to the intention we had from the very beginning. During our existence we have grown, working with dozens of professionals, psychonauts and various enthusiasts.

For several years, we have functioned mainly thanks to the voluntary work of many people, donations from our supporters and visitors to our events.

In 2022, two more partners joined Rita in the company, which was formed on the summer solstice of 2016 to organize the Global Psychedelic Forum. With one came the first major investment. Amostia Ltd. was renamed BEYOND Production Ltd. (Beyond firm) and continues to operate as a sister company of the Beyond Institute to carry out activities with commercial potential. Both entities are part of the parent unofficial Beyond platform. This firm operates on the principles of social entrepreneurship, thus public benefit is superior to profit making. Profits are further used to support the non-profit activities of the Beyond Institute and the overall development of Beyond.

Our goals are broad and our work is meaningful.

Your Beyond.