Statement on Open Science and Open Praxis with Psilocybin, MDMA, and Similar Substances

As an expert group in the field of research and development of psychedelic medicine, Beyond Psychedelis had also signed the below document and we follow these standards and commitments in the Beyond Psychedelics conference.


The undersigned individuals and organizations work to advance the understanding and beneficial uses of substances called (among many names) psychedelics, hallucinogens, or entheogens. Our fields include medicine and traditional healing, medicinal chemistry and ethnopharmacology, psychopharmacology, neuroscience, psychology, counseling, religion, public health, and public policy.

From generations of practitioners and researchers before us, we have received knowledge about these substances, their risks, and ways to use them constructively. In turn, we accept the call to use that knowledge for the common good and to share freely whatever related knowledge we may discover or develop.

Therefore, in this work, we commit to the following principles. If we engage with consultants, contractors, or suppliers, we will do so in ways that uphold these principles.

1. Intellectual and scientific integrity. We affirm that we report the truth as we find it, not as we or others might prefer it to be found. We will present disappointing or adverse results as well as affirming or encouraging ones. We will properly attribute the contributions of others.

2. In service. While we may need to be paid for our labor, we are called to this work in the spirit of service. We will place the common good above private gain, and we will work for the welfare of the individuals and communities served. We will strive to make our expertise and services available to all who may benefit from them, even those whose means are limited.

3. Open science and open praxis. We will not withhold, nor will we require others to withhold, materials or knowledge (experiences, observations, discoveries, methods, best practices, or the like) for commercial advantage. This does not preclude the appropriate management of raw data or the exercise of data exclusivity rights, but we will make those decisions for the common good rather than for private gain. Nor does this preclude reasonable and ordinary charges for our books, other media, software, materials, or professional services.

4. Non-interference. We will strive to place our discoveries into the public domain, for the benefit of all. If we have patents or patents pending, we will license that intellectual property, for no more than reasonable and ordinary administrative costs, to anyone who will use it for the common good and in alignment with these principles.

Signatories may refine or expand their commitments, broadly in keeping with these principles, via further public statements. This document is an evolving work, with signatures being added. They are provisional pending a final release.

Clerk: Robert Jesse. Please email if you’d like yourself or your organization to be included.

Scientists, scholars, and practitioners

(affiliations listed for identification only)

Ram Dass (Richard Alpert, PhD)
Ralph Metzner, PhD (Green Earth Foundation)
James Fadiman, PhD
Ann Shulgin (Alexander Shulgin Research Institute)
George Greer, MD (Heffter Research Institute)
Dennis McKenna, PhD (Heffter Research Institute)
Charles S. Grob, MD (UCLA School of Medicine)
Harriet de Wit, PhD (University of Chicago)
Thomas B. Roberts, PhD (Northern Illinois University)
Frederick S. Barrett, PhD (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)
Mary P. Cosimano, MSW (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)
Alan K. Davis, PhD (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)
Albert Garcia-Romeu, PhD (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)
Roland R. Griffiths, PhD (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)
Darrick G. May, MD (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)
Brian D. Richards, PsyD (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)
William A. Richards, PhD (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)
Janis Phelps, PhD (California Institute of Integral Studies)
Kathleen Harrison (Botanical Dimensions)
Katherine A. MacLean, PhD
Michael P. Bogenschutz, MD (New York University)
Anthony P. Bossis, PhD (New York University)
Jeffrey R. Guss, MD (New York University)
Mark A.R. Kleiman, PhD (New York University, Marron Institute)
Stephen Ross, MD (New York University)
Robin Carhart-Harris, PhD (Imperial College London)
Mendel Kaelen, PhD (Imperial College London & Wavepaths)
Taylor Lyons, PhD (cand.) (Imperial College London)
Jonny Martell, MRCPsych (Imperial College London)
Roberta Murphy, MD (Imperial College London)
Leor Roseman, PhD (cand.) (Imperial College London)
Ben Sessa, MD (Imperial College London)
Christopher Timmermann, PhD (cand.) (Imperial College London)
Rosalind Watts, DClinPsy (Imperial College London)
David Luke, PhD (University of Greenwich)
Rita Kočárová, PhD. (cand.) (National Institute of Mental Health, Czech Republic)
Tomáš Páleníček, MD, PhD (National Institute of Mental Health, Czech Republic)
Filip Tylš, MD, PhD (National Institute of Mental Health, Czech Republic)
Miroslav Horák, PhD (Mendel University, Czech Republic)
Peter S. Hendricks, PhD (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
Brian T. Anderson, MD, MSc (UCSF – University of California, San Francisco)
Christopher S. Stauffer, MD (UCSF – University of California, San Francisco)
Emily Williams, MD (UCSF – University of California, San Francisco)
Alexander B. Belser, PhD (cand.) (Yale University)
Benjamin Kelmendi, MD (Yale School of Medicine)
Jordan Sloshower, MD MSc (Yale School of Medicine)
Fire Erowid, BA (Erowid Center)
Earth Erowid, BA (Erowid Center)
Rick Doblin, PhD (MAPS)
Amy Emerson (MAPS Public Benefit Corp.)
Allison Feduccia, PhD (MAPS Public Benefit Corp.)
Lisa Jerome, PhD (MAPS Public Benefit Corp.)
Ann Mithoefer, BSN (MAPS Public Benefit Corp.)
Michael Mithoefer, MD (MAPS Public Benefit Corp. & Med. U. of S. Carolina)
Berra Yazar-Klosinski, PhD (MAPS)
Charles L. Raison, MD (Usona Institute & U. Wisconsin-Madison)
Gabor Maté, MD (Simon Fraser University)
Adele Getty (Limina Foundation)
Jason C. Slot, PhD (Ohio State University)
Amanda Feilding (The Beckley Foundation)
Matthias E. Liechti, MD, MAS (University Hospital Basel)
José Carlos Bouso, PhD (ICEERS, Barcelona)
Dráulio Araújo, PhD (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil)
Beatriz Labate, PhD (CIIS/CIESAS)
Geoff Bathje, PhD (Adler University, Chicago)
Alan Cohn, MD (
James J. Franzo-Eclipse (
Vip B. Short, DC (
Sophia Korb, PhD
Martin Williams, PhD (PRISM, Australia)
Gabrielle Agin-Liebes, PhD (cand.) (Palo Alto University)
Eric Osborne, MA Ed. (MycoMeditations LLC and PLEDG Inc.)
Sunil Kumar Aggarwal, MD, PhD, FAAPMR (University of Washington)
Angela Beers, PsyD (
Eleonora Molnar, MA (Women’s Visionary Congress, Canada)
Paul Abramson, MD (My Doctor Medical Group & UCSF)
Leia Friedman, MS (The Psychedologist)
Daniel McQueen, MA (Medicinal Mindfulness)
Riccardo Vitale, PhD (UMIYAC, Cartagena, Columbia)
Iker Puente, PhD (Barcelona)
Rafael Lancelotta (University of Wyoming)
Julie Holland, MD
Matthew Brown, DO, MBA (Psych Arts)
Sonja Styk, Dr.Med. (Swiss Medical Society for Psycholytic Therapy)
Juraj Styk, Dr.Med. (Swiss Medical Society for Psycholytic Therapy)
Kevin Franciotti (The New School, New York)
Kyle Buller
Meghan Kennedy, LCSW (SuiteEthos, Chicago)
Henrik Jungaberle, (MIND Foundation)

Research and service organizations

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)
Heffter Research Institute
The Beckley Foundation
Erowid Center
Usona Institute (see
Botanical Dimensions
California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)
Wavepaths, Ltd.
Eugene Center for Ethnobotanical Studies (
Psychedelic Research In Science & Medicine (
Union of Indigenous Yage Medics of the Colombian Amazon (UMIYAC)
Khanyisa Healing Gardens NPC, South Africa
International Center for Ethnobotanical Education Research & Service (ICEERS)
OPEN Foundation (
Medicinal Mindfulness, LLC
Heroic Hearts Project
Earth Medicine Institute
Psychedelics Today
MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Science

Psychedelic societies and integration circles

Psychedelic Safety, Support, and Integration, Chicago
Chicago Psychedelic Community
The Psychedelic Society, UK
Portland Psychedelic Society
The Psychedelic Society Germany
Australian Psychedelic Society
Art of Waking Up   (Los Angeles)
AsiaTripper   (Taiwan, HongKong, etc.)

Supporters, organizers, publishers, conferences
Beyond Psychedelics   (Czech Republic)
Psychedelics and the Future of Psychiatry, Chicago
Melissa Warner   (PRISM & Australian Psychedelic Society)
Mike Margolies
Joost J. Breeksema, MA  (OPEN Foundation, Netherlands)
Eric N. Codner, DC   (Columbus Physical Medicine Center
Jake Tracy   (Michigan State University)
Vincent Zeolla, PT, DPT   (4D Health & Performance Center)
4D Health & Performance Center   (Norwalk, CT)

Philanthropists and philanthropic organizations

Robert J. Barnhart
CSP Fund
Betsy Gordon
Bill Linton
Carey and Claudia Turnbull
Riverstyx Foundation
Dr. Bronner’s
George Sarlo Foundation
Source Research Foundation

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