Friederike Meckel

Friederike Meckel trained as a medical doctor and a medical psychotherapist in
Germany. From 1989-1991 she trained as a Holotropic Breathwork © facilitator with
Prof. Stanislav Grof in the US. Holotropic Breathwork © is an alternative method of
working therapeutically with non-drug- induced altered states of consciousness.
Friederike began to realize the additional therapeutical benefits of psychoactive
substances through her own experiences. She happened to have the extraordinary good
fortune to join a psychotherapeutic training group which instructed therapists in the use
of psycholytic psychotherapy with MDMA and LSD in the early nineties in Switzerland.
She also trained as a couples therapist, a family therapist and a family-constellation-
worker. In 1994, she started working in her own private psychotherapeutic practice
providing non-drug psychotherapy, Holotropic Breathwork © -groups and systemic-
family-constellation work. Over a couple of years she started developing her specific
way of psychotherapy with the use of psychedelics, working underground, in groups,
with specifically chosen clients. Today she no longer uses drug-induced psychedelic
methods in her practice. Being retired she still offers some private psychological
counselling in Zürich. In 2015 her book „Therapy with Substance“ was published in
English, 2016 in German and 2017 in Czech. She is an advocate of substance supported
therapy, reminding of the indivisible unity of body, mind and soul. For a client to
transmute into his or her authentic personality, she underscores the utmost importance
of completely integration all the dark sides, all personality parts and all traumata., She
puts her emphasis more and more on this essential aspect of psychedelic work.